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Global Registry: 10 Million Registered Items

BRUSSELS, Belgium, September 10, 2012 – GS1®, a not-for-profit organisation that designs and manages a global system of standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains across industries, announced today that its GS1 Global Registry® has reached 10 million product items. When GS1 launched its Global Data Synchronisation Network (GS1 GDSN®) in October 2004, there were only 74,000 items shared among trading partners in 13 countries in the Global Registry. 

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Decisions between display and checkout

decisionsShoppers change their minds about a fifth of their planned purchases – but they also make spontaneous purchases just as often: These were the findings of a recent study by the University of Cologne and GfK Marktforschung in collaboration with GS1 Germany. 3,300 purchases in supermarkets, superstores and discounters were put under the magnifying glass.

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GS1/CapGemini Report

GS1/CapGemini ReportToday’s shoppers are using their smartphones to change the way they interact with companies, stores, products and brands. The number of smartphone applications and the number of consumers using them are both undergoing an exponential rise, in particular for applications that use a mobile phone’s camera to scan barcodes in order to provide complementary information about the product in question.


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GS1 Logistics eCom Group

GS1 Logistics eCom Group begins work on WarehousingCompanies are more and more often outsourcing their warehouses or distribution centers to third parties (LSPs). This leads to a need for a seamless integration of the systems of both the owner of the goods (LSC) and the party managing the physical operations (LSP).

The warehousing part of the Logistics Interoperability Model (LIM) addresses this need. Less than with transport management, outsourced warehousing requires a high degree of integration between the systems of both parties, and therefore the requirements around Master Data alignment between LSP and LSC will also be taken into account.

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